For those of you paying attention, my posts vary. As of late, I have been inspired/called to write poetry along with the images I am capturing while out in nature. I have been working on a piece for a few weeks now about this herd of deer I happen upon quite frequently, but whatever is…… Continue reading Free…



In the quiet And it’s oh so still My eyes see nothing My body feels everything This doesn’t feel like a dream Micro nudges Very much so Wide awake Breath deepens Chest expands Visions of emeralds sparkling Sensations of feathers on my skin Breath deepens and widens Chest expands and softens And now… Something has…… Continue reading Home



Good… It’s really good They say… And while you say thank you And mean it The compliment falls silently flat On your heart. And you think of about 27 different things to say Instead of  thank you. Like…  Does it make you feel good? Because that isn’t what is trying to be conveyed And… It’s…… Continue reading Good